This guide is for administrators and other individuals managing an organization within Blue Squad.

What is Blue Squad?

Blue Squad is a platform that connects candidates, organizers, and activists into a single ecosystem designed to deepen engagement and broaden reach for progressive efforts.  As someone running or working for an organization, Blue Squad can help you with the following:

  • Distributing tasks (we call them "missions") to volunteers (we call them "supporters")
  • Tracking activity by supporters in real-time
  • Expanding your organization's reach through existing supporters' contacts and other social connections

How does it work?

Here's a typical flow from organizer to supporter and back again in Blue Squad:

  1. The organizer creates a new mission (e.g., asking supporters to share a text message with friends) using the Blue Squad web app.
  2. The mission is distributed to supporters of the organization on the Blue Squad mobile app.
  3. The supporters start and then complete the mission.
  4. Back in the web app, the organizer can see how many supporters are completing the mission, along with other accompanying stats.

While the above flow may seem pretty straightforward, keep in mind that each mission type is presented in a fun, gamified way to engage supporters and keep them interested in helping the org.

Getting Started

We recommend following the steps below to get started using Blue Squad as an organizer.  Each step links to its own article that provides specifics on how to complete that step.

  1. Accept the invite to your organization
  2. Update your organization's settings and invite other admins to your organization
  3. Create your first education mission
  4. Create your first email sharing mission
  5. Create your first text sharing mission
  6. Build your supporter base using the custom auto-support link for your org
  7. Check out your mission reports for education, email-sharing, and text-sharing missions
  8. Check out the mission log to understand supporter behavior over time

Use Cases & Best Practices

You can use different missions for different use-cases.  The links below will teach you about different ways to use each mission type.

Additional Material

If you need additional help, the following resources may be of use:

  • Glossary for organizations
  • FAQ for organizations