You can take the following steps to create an education mission:

  1. Login to the Blue Squad web app.
  2. Navigate to Mission Command > New Mission
  3. Click on "New Education Mission"
  4. Fill out the parameters of the education mission

1. Navigate to "New Education Mission"

Assuming you're logged into the Blue Squad web app, click on "Mission Command" on the left-hand navigation bar, and then click "New Mission".  Then click "New Education Mission"

2. Enter the details of the mission

Fill out the relevant details of the education mission.  Read about best practices for education missions to get some tips.

Mission Name
The name of your mission.  It will appear to users in the mobile app in the mission feed and under your org’s mission tab.  Keep it short but engaging.
Start DateThe time at which the mission will first show to supporters.  You can select “Immediately”, which will distribute the mission to supporters right away, or you can select a specific date and time.
End DateThe time at which the mission will no longer be available to supporters. You can leave this value blank if you want every potential supporter to see this mission.  Giving it an end date is helpful when the mission is only important up to a certain time.
This is a short blurb that will appear in the mission feed.  It’s meant to provide supporters with a very quick understanding of what the mission is about and why they should start it.  We recommend inserting pictures to provide a more engaging hook.

This is the information you’re trying to teach supporters about during an Education Mission.  Think of it as a tiny blog post or a medium-sized Twitter thread.  You can include pictures here as well.  Try to keep the information short but informative - you’re trying to arm supporters with talking points they can use in later missions or in conversations they naturally have with friends.

As you fill out the mission details, you'll see a preview of the mission as it will appear in the mobile app.  You can use this preview to confirm everything is correct.

3. Submit the mission

Once everything looks good, click “Submit” to publish the mission.  If you’ve set the start date to “Immediately”, the mission will show up right away for supporters.  Otherwise, you’ll have to wait to see the mission in the mobile app.

4. Understanding the mission report

The mission report provides key metrics on how the mission is performing.  You can use this data to determine if the mission is performing as expected and to think about how to improve future missions.

Mission StatDescription
# supporters that received mission
This is the # of supporters that have actually received the mission in their mission feed.
# supporters that started mission
Of the supporters that received the mission, this is the number that actually clicked to start it.
# supporters that completed mission
Of the supporters that started the mission, this is the number that clicked the “Complete Mission” button at the end of it.