Blue Squad's mission is to help build a lasting progressive society through increased civic engagement among everyone.  We do this by leveraging the power of our supporters' existing social networks and using that data to help them become more effective progressive activists.  At the same time, the privacy of our supporters and their contacts is something we highly value. When supporters give us their personal data and that of their friends, they trust us to keep that data private.  Our data architecture is built on equal footing between this trust in privacy and our goal of using social data to power progressive activism.

How Data Comes Into Blue Squad

The bulk of the data you provide us is done through opt-in actions like creating your account or completing missions.  Exceptions to this include things like internal log data we need to understand how the app and our platform are performing.  You are never required to complete missions, although not completing some missions will limit the functionality of the app.

We also use data from a variety of third-party sources, including commercially and publicly-available data sets.  This information helps us better understand more about who you and your contacts are, which in turn lets the app make better recommendations to you when you're working on missions.

How Your Data Is Protected

Our internal architecture is designed with privacy in mind first  Here's what this means:

  • Personal contact information is always private to you and is never shared with or sold to anyone else.
  • Other supporters cannot see your contacts or information about your contacts.
  • If you stop supporting an organization, they can no longer see you or your connection to any contacts.
  • If you remove your data, we delete that data from our database.

How Your Data Is Used

In order to help progressive organizations (and to help you help them), we do have to surface some information to the orgs you're supporting.  When you support an org, that org will have access to:

  • Your full name
  • Your city, state, and zip code
  • Some attributes about you, like voter registration status, ability to vote for that org, and preferences on issues

Similar data on your contacts will also be shared with the orgs you support.  All of this information helps your supported orgs make better decisions about how to win elections and advance progressive causes.  It also helps us give you better recommendations on certain missions.  And just to be clear - your data can never be used by an organization to contact you or your contacts directly.

Wrapping Up

The Blue Squad architecture has been designed from the ground up to protect user privacy while offering insights to the organizations our supporters want to help.  Supporters can control what information is shared and with whom it's shared.  We hope Blue Squad creates a unique experience where an individual's data can, for the first time, be used to explicitly advance the causes that matter to them.